Video app, created by Microsoft, is a Metro app that comes pre-bundled in Windows 8.

As the name suggests, its main task is to play videos.

It follows the Modern UI design principles, using elements like data tiles and emphasis on data (video and text).

Launch the app by clicking on the app tile in the Start Screen. The welcome screen of the app simply lists videos as Modern UI tiles.

Clicking on a tile plays the corresponding video.

This app collects the locally stored videos from Videos Library of Windows. So you need to add your desired movies, series, etc., to the Videos Library so that the app can play it.

Besides that, Video app also keeps track of the movies and/or series that you have bought from Marketplace. You can play those contents in Video app.

My Videos Section

This section of the app lists content from the Videos Library, as well as the videos (movies and series) that you bought in the Marketplace (provided that you have signed in to your Microsoft Account).

The “movies” tab lists the movies bought from Marketplace, while the “TV” tab displays any bought episodes, seasons or series.

You can sort the videos by date, alphabetical order, or duration of the video.

Clicking on a tile plays the corresponding video.

A playing video consumes full screen. It also provides big controls to play or pause the video, to jump to a location using the progress pointer and to play previous or next video.

In the screen showing the list of videos, if you swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen, then a context menu slides up.

The menu shows the currently playing video, which you can control from the menu itself, like play or pause it, or play previous or next video instead.

You can also directly open a video from the hard disk, without worrying about the Video Library.

Movies Marketplace and TV Marketplace

These two sections list their corresponding content from the Marketplace in the form of tiles. Each tile represents a movie or series from the Marketplace.

I will describe only the Movies Marketplace; TV Marketplace follows the same suit.

In order to view details of a movie, click on the corresponding tile. This launches a centered window that contains details like name, synopsis, rating, genre, etc., of the movie.

You have several options like buy/rent the movie, view details, play trailer and play on Xbox. Clicking on any of them will take you to the full details of the movie.

Here, you can view the trailer, buy or rent the movie, or simply check out the synopsis of the movie.

Share Charm

Video app implements Share Charm in order to enable sharing of Marketplace links to movies and series.

As shown in above figure, I used the Mail app to share the details of a movie called “Justified”.

The Mail app receives a link to the movie in the Marketplace.

Settings Charm

There are two main sections of Settings Charm.

    • Preferences – Here, you can manage your Microsoft Account as well as Videos Library.

This section informs you that you should go customize the Videos Library in order to make changes to the videos listed in the app.

Also, you can reset your Video app-related user account settings by clicking on “Forget Me” button.

You may want to do it to either clear the settings or switch to a new user.

  • Account – This section manages the Xbox account settings.
  • You can change you Xbox account settings directly from the Settings Charm, like manage payment options, view billing history, customize privacy settings, change contact preferences, etc.
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