Welcome to the Windows 8 versions page.

This page is dedicated to the discussion of the different versions of Windows 8.

Now of course Windows 8 is not out yet but we think at this point, we may have a clue about what the versions will be..

In an earlier post, I had referenced another site that had discovered some clues about the different versions of Windows 8.

At this point, here are the versions we think that Microsoft will release..

  1. Windows 8 Starter
  2. Windows 8 Home Basic
  3. Windows 8 Home Premium
  4. Windows 8 Professional
  5. Windows 8 Ultimate
  6. Windows 8 Enterprise

This is based on data scraped from early Windows 8 code and the precedent set by Windows 7.

I’m looking to see if the BUILD conference sheds more light on the different versions of Windows 8.

Stay tuned…

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  • PTsvn

    Windows 8 – 7971   ???

  • Luke Eischen

    Hello Everyone,

    So Win8Starter is not out at this point.   My friend claimed that it was released and as far as my research goes there are some pirated Beta versions but Win8 has not been completly release by Microsoft yet? Correct?  I am just wondering my Son’s ACER NetBook that I got him a month ago.  When i bought it they said I could upgrade t Win8 as soon as it comes out for free.

    I personally am a Mac guy but do have a Sony Vaio with Win7Ult. on it.  But it is messed up right now as the backlight went out and I can’t get it fixed by Sony for under $500.  I only had this for a year and they said I was 4 days outt of my warranty and they couldn’t help me.  BS.  I would do it myself if they would get me the part but they stated since it is a ALL IN ONE computer the LCD and all need to be replaced in those for the back light to be fixed. 

    Thought I would add that thinking maybe someone would have an idea.  It is basically new and is a nice PC and it is  loaded with software and hardware.

    If someone knows how to fix this I would pay you but not $500 or even close to that.

    Give me a call @ (952) 451-4954


    Luke Eischen
    [email protected]:disqus