Windows 8: Watch HD movies on your wireless TV

Windows 8 will integrate with a variety of technologies to let users pick out TV shows and movies and stream them to any screen.

Turn on your laptop, find a movie online or in your hard drive, and with a click of a button you’ll be able to watch it on whichever TV screen you choose.

“Users can easily discover and connect to a wide variety of modern displays like wireless televisions and monitors, wireless docking stations, and USB-connected monitors,” Microsoft says.

“The user can easily light up displays around him with all his content and media, whether it is online or local.

Developers can build modern experiences around display devices by leveraging Windows 8 support for premium media experiences, such as stereoscopic 3D and wireless TVs.”

  • xinu

    Glad I found this article, this would certainly be a great feature for windows 8, I can see developers being very creative with this. I would definitely be using this very often.

  • virtualCableTV

    Tell us (me) more about –developing– for Windows 8 connected TV capabilities…

  • Ima

    This was hardly worth the time to read. Was it?