Windows 8 will not show up at CES in January – My opinion

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft showing a glimpse of Windows 8 at the CES show in January.

In a previous post, I called it a bunch of BS because I thought it was too early.

i still stand by that.

I found this post by Lee Mathews saying pretty much the same thing.


January seems a bit soon to be showing off something your CEO thinks is your “riskiest bet,” especially considering this is the same company that just tried to launch the Kin. While there may indeed be a prototype or concept device on display, there’s a good chance it could run an existing flavor of Windows with a slate-specific UI on top. Windows 8 itself, however, will likely not be on display.

I would really be shocked if Windows 8 was shown at CES in January…

  • Timiteh

    A short time ago, i thought that Microsoft would show the 32 bits version of Windows 8 which will be according to me an O.S mainly aimed at Tablet and netbooks.
    However, i now think they are more likely to show a version of Windows 7, and probably Windows 7 Embedded, with a Metro based U.I.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Totally agree, I think that they may be milking the uncertainty and trying to keep the “buzz” going…