Microsoft program manager Avi Ben-Menahem detailed the company’s plans for Xbox LIVE inside Windows 8 at BUILD last Thursday.

His refrain was “It’s a huge opportunity for you as developers,”

The following features will be in Windows 8 Xbox LIVE:

  • Roaming save state
  • Title managed storage
  • Beacons
  • Avatar awards
  • Avatars
  • Friends list and community
  • Achievements and gamerscore
  • Multiplayer
  • Roaming storage
  • Real time counting services
  • Achievements

The most interesting part of Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE implementation is the fact that Microsoft is building async multiplayer into the platform. Async multiplayer will allow Windows PCs, Windows Phone and Xbox 360 users to play against each other using multi-player and matchmaking functionality.

Ben-Menahem also revealed that Microsoft plans to open up its developer side of Xbox LIVE for Windows 8 in a weeks time.

Participating for developers will be free of charge and the audience at BUILD on Thursday morning appeared impressed with Microsoft’s work on Xbox LIVE for Windows 8.

The Xbox LIVE service is available in 35 countries today and has around 35 million subscribers.

Xbox LIVE users spend around 2.1 billion hours per month on the service, roughly 60 hours per user per month.


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  1. Now thats awesome.
    way to g microsoft.

    • I can not see a PC  playing Multi games toe to toe with a X-box player.We have better built  PC and will have a advantage in game play,IF not We{the PC}will have to go down to there speed Because they can,t come to up to us.Only  way I see this Match making system if you match a person state to state,not across the world.Been tryed by game makers But We will have to see.One more thing X-box looks great but to play them on a PC the game would look better ,My self I run duel Sli  gts 570s,Ya I know over kill.AND there are not many  games that uses dx 11 And i can go on and on.I must have a Beta test of Windows 8 ,I do have 2 other PCs, 1 Vista and XP,We are just going to have to wait and see.

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