Windows 8 Windows Experience Index (WEI)

There are a host of new features that will be introduced in Windows 8.

This post will talk about Windows 8 Windows Experience Index (WEI).

The Windows Experience Index (WEI) made its debut in Windows Vista and is continuing to make its mark on Windows 7.

This index was a quick way of comparing the state of the components in your computer against the state of the best possible components available.

The index essentially uses five categories and gives each category a score from 1.0 to 7.9. The categories include: Processor, Memory, Graphics, Gaming Graphics and Primary Hard Disk.

Although each category is given a separate score, your base score or WEI score will be the lowest of the five scores.

It’s a good bet that Windows 8 will have the Windows Experience Index (WEI).

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  • xinu

    WEI is a nice idea, shame it doesn’t really work. Its not accurate enough and sits in the shadow when compared to some of the benchmark software already available. I hope they really do some work on this, I would like to see this improved, this would really prove that Microsoft cares about small details in the os.

  • Jithin Jose

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  • Jithin Jose
  • Harry

    I’m trying to find Windows Experience Index on Windows 8. This is no help. Even Microsoft’s Website just seems to refer to Windows 7.