How often do you feel that you should be able to install Windows 8 from a source other than CD or ISO files? How would you like to install Windows 8 while roaming in a mobile manner?

Windows 8 has brought the ability to install it from a USB flash drive thanks to a new effort by Microsoft. In this article, we check out the Windows to Go feature offered in Windows 8.

Linux is able to run from a flash drive and this unique little feature will allow the average user to try out the OS before doing a full fledged install on our PC. Windows 8 will now have this ability as well.  This will be optimum for net books and ultra-books.

Nicknames “Windows Togo”, the Windows 8 OS will start up from the USB key. As this is not a normal hard drive boost there may be a modification in the computer’s BIOS. This modification will be a relatively easy step.

The Windows 8 on the flash drive will relatively have the same installation and app saving features as the full-fledged system. Data can be copied, saved, apps installed, and rebooted with all the data tucked safely inside the pen drive OS.

For “Windows Togo” bigger is better, a 16 GB flash drive is the minimum size required to run Windows 8. However, I would recommend a 32GB flash drive to ensure smooth installation. If your requirement is only for a netbook or something similar, and you wish to run the OS permanently from the flash drive then it is best to consider a fast alternative.

A super speed port and a USB 3.0 port should be fine. USB 2.0 would be considered however USB 3.0 offers a higher data transfer rate and as such the transfer of files between the USB and operating system would be much faster using USB 3.0. Linux had always been lighter than Windows and Windows keeps trying to catch up.

Windows 8 could just be the perfect competitor for Linux.

You can download Windows 8 and the helpful tools making it work from However remember that you will only get your hands on a pre-released version for developers. Windows Togo is a very intriguing and complex idea for the average user, thus may not even have a final release anytime soon.

Everyone was optimistic for Windows 8, an OS on a flash drive sounds like a fun and appealing idea. It could be the next big thing. Technical support and help desks may not be available when you’re traveling. Getting a replacement in remote areas is not an easy task.

Having Windows 8 OS as a “just in case” will be a soothing concept.

Microsoft has taken into consideration the problem occurring if the flash drive is removed while the system is in use. In such a situation windows to go will freeze and give the user a 60 second window to replace the flash drive. It will reengage after insertion and continue without hiccups.

If the flash drive is not re- inserted the system shuts down.

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    Maybe Windows 8 Consumer Preview will comes with a wizard, to simplify creating Windows 8 To Go.

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