Windows 8 Wishlist Feature Request

Now maybe it’s just me but I have been using Windows for over a decade and I have always had problems with this feature.

You see, here’s the deal. I’m old fashioned. I believe that there should be a simpler way for 2 computers to connect to each other over a network.

Ever since Windows XP, it has been a less than transparent process and Vista and Windows 7 didn’t help either.

You can have 2 PC’s on Windows 7 and connect them both to the same wireless network and try to go through all the HomeGroup BS and it’s still too difficult.

I am humbly asking the Windows 8 team to look at that process again and see what you can do to simplify the GUI.

A grandmother in Kansas would never be able to figure this out if IT savvy people cant do it smoothly now.

I wanna hear from you guys and girls though… Is Windows networking easy to configure? Is it just me?

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  • Gary Coates

    Networking can be a cumbersome and overwhelming task for someone who is at a “user” level of knowledge, especially if you are trying to access the computer from a remote location, through firewalls, and other various connections. Something as simple as the remote assistance could be used by the developers to allow users to connect to their remote computers after authenticating using a login set up by the primary user/admin. This is something that has been lacking in PCs for a long time, and should be resolved soon. Consumers are purchasing multiple devices and they inevitably have the data they need on one of their remote devices at some point, and this is only going to get worse as the price of technology goes down and allows for more users to enter the market.

    • Onuora Amobi

      I agree. I am particularly shocked that all the Windows releases so far have failed to solve this problem…

  • tom

    I agree, networking is really frustrating. homegroups made some things easier ( when they work) but rendered networking with xp nearly impossible (If anyone has any tips on that id appreciate it).

  • tom

    also, i want net send back. I have never managed to “msg” anyone except myself, pretty sure you have to be in the same domain which sounds like another gargantuan networking task.

  • Daniel Pard

    Take a look at this:

    This is a better example of a new redesigned ribbon!!