Windows 8 Wishlist – Network World Part 1 – Remove annoying messages

Network world have a great article about some of the things that could be done to help Windows 8 be an improvement over Windows 7.

I liked this one a lot:

One Windows 7 feature that gets under Cherry’s skin is the “Green Bar of Death” that appears when copying a large number of small files from one place to another. To fix file copying, Cherry suggests the Windows team just make it faster. In addition, if Windows cannot target how long the copy will take, don’t bother giving an estimate, pleads Cherry.

“I really hate seeing that a copy will take 13 minutes, no four hours, no 25 minutes, etc., etc.”

That drives me crazy too. Especially when (legally) copying .vob files from DVD’s.

Microsoft need to rethink the entire process of providing feedback to the user when they are copying files..

The inconsistency is annoying…

What do you guys think?


  • Asslicker

    I absolutely agree. Sometimes its 5 minutes then sometimes 1 hour…it can drive you crazy….

  • Guest

    it would be cool it shows as real time. and that the bar moves accordingly to the time is remaining. in previous versions it moves faster then stops, faster again, etc.

  • Edbergjun

    is that cherryl gilliam?