It is now confirmed – Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to Windows 8.

This news has excited gamers, who have been anxiously waiting for the official release of Windows 8 and get hands on experience on the Xbox Live experience on a non-console platform.

Windows 8 will not only bring the whole gaming experience of the popular console but also music, movies and TV shows right at the user’s fingertips.

It is a part of Microsoft’s long harboured dream of providing wholesome entertainment to windows users and to give him them the ability to share all of it with fellow users.

Game developers too have got ample opportunity to exploit their skills and talent by taking advantage of the vigour of Xbox Live.

The whole community of gamers and developers are abuzz online on each and every update regarding the developments of this new feature of the latest Windows O.S.

Xbox Live in Windows 8 can be accessed by a brand new feature called the Xbox Live dashboard. It looks like a feature similar to the UI of the win7 phone and windows 8 interface.

Since all information about this is been given out sparsely by Microsoft, a lot remains to be seen till the official release of the new O.S.
Some of the major expectations are:

  • Implementation of cross platform online gaming
  • Ability to run X-box discs in the PC
  • Since Xbox Live is already implemented in Win7 phones, many people are eagerly anticipating the functionality of Xbox Live on laptops, tablets, desktop Pc etc.

In the BUILD conference of September 2011, Windows chief Stephen Sinofsky gave a preview of an Xbox Live interface demo.

While, he only displayed the gaming aspect of Xbox Live, he promised that viewing and sharing of entertainment will be as easy and powerful.

Most of the games and other applications will most probably be available in the Windows 8’s app store, now referred to as the Windows store.

Once running, this like the apple store will provide opportunities for developers to make millions of dollars by making their tools available for use to anyone in the world from a single platform.

Since Microsoft is shying away from announcing the official launch date of Windows 8 itself, we cannot expect such an announcement for Xbox Live in windows 8 either.

But rest assured a whole league of gamers and developers are waiting with bated breaths to hear the news, which will give them the chance to get their hands wet on one of the most promising developments of Microsoft in a very long time.

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  1. The screenshots look impressive, but will Windows 8 support Xbox Kinect ?

  2. I can foresee that the only xbox gaming experience would be the one of XBLA and games based on XNA, I don’t believe that XBOX Discs will be playable for the reasons of console specific content.
    I’m not saying it’s not do-able but it would kill the console itself (don’t forget that LIVE is a Service, the content is targeted to consoles and cross-platform O/S’s but not all of it).

  3. Even if MS can’t get retail Xbox 360 titles to to just work on Win8 (Games on Demand?), as long as Xbox Live Arcade and Indie Games (which are XNA based) make the jump, then MS still has an ace. I don’t care if these games can only be played with an Xbox 360 gamepad, it would be a huge advantage for MS and provide real games, something that iOS nor Android could touch.

  4. KINECT setup now have a tool to use it on a it will work on game on X-box.and we can also see a price to use X-box on line,so why buy a x-box game and pay to play online when you  can buy a Pc game and not pay for sever use,as in I buy a game log on to out 30  plus sever and we all chip in for a monthly fee,where as your going to have to pay for both ?another problem playing PC games  againts console players  cross platform PC will have to go Down to X-box speed ,because they can,t come up to us !Also game play X-box games will look great on pc ,{ i,m running duel 570 Sli cards with X-box can,t come to my pc}

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