The question whether Windows 9 will bring along something major or just more refinements is a rather difficult one to answer. Doubly so with rumors that this version is on track to hit RTM status this year.

Go back a year or so and most pegged the Windows 9 release date as late 2014.

That is, obviously, the normal timeframe where Microsoft outs its latest operating systems, towards the end of each year. Then came the gossips that Windows 9 could see daylight in April 2015 — a bit out of character for Redmond, but with all the changes the company is going through, not entirely unexpected.

And just a few days back WZOR, the same person that has leaked pretty accurate details about Microsoft in the past, said that Windows 9 is to hit RTM in October, this year.

Now the famous leaker is back with more tidbits.

He hints that new information about Windows 9 could surface sometime in early February, though it is not yet clear whether these will be official details from Microsoft or via third-party unofficial channels.

There are some that believe work on Windows 9, the next major version upgrade of Windows, is to be started in April, right after the BUILD conference. Others think that Microsoft has been building this version of the OS for a while now, or at least laying the groundwork for it in some form..

In any case, we should have some solid ideas about what is in store for us with Windows 9 in just a couple of months’ time — officially or otherwise.

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