Itching to get a full look at what is in store with Windows 9? Well if this report holds up, you may be in luck, and get a chance to take the upcoming major new version of Windows for a spin later this year.

Most expect Microsoft to release Windows 9 in early 2015.

But there seems to be a chance that the company may actually complete development of the operating system before the year is out, and release it in its traditional year-end time frame. No fuss!

In true spy fashion, famed Windows leaker WZOR is claiming that Windows 9 is on track to reach RTM status in October 2014 — and this not only means that we may be able to see devices powered by this new version of Windows soon after, but a leaked copy or two might not be all that far away.

Good news for technology enthusiasts and Microsoft fans, if the development process is complete sooner. This new version of Windows is said to come with a refreshed version of Metro, including the ability to run Modern UI apps in windows.

A Start Menu is also expected to make a return in some shape, way or form.

For the time being, however, all eyes are on the upcoming BUILD 2014 developer conference where Redmond is expected to unveil Windows 8.1 Update 1, a new version that packs a bunch of performance and feature enhancements.

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  • Ray C

    Watch the Start Menu come back in Windows 9, and all the people complaining about it not being in Windows 8 will be talking about how they don’t really need it

    • Charles Vance Gurley

      EXACTLY! haha. Now it’s october of this year? they are really pushing windows 9 out in a hurry. why rush it and mess that up??

    • NavinJay

      I know. It’s a bummer when someone moves your cheese. I never saw the reason to complain about it. it just moved the start menu from the traditional layout to a tile lay out. Everything you need was still there. BUT, i do believe MS needed a way to offer the traditional start menu for those that wanted it. I think that was their major undoing in Windows 8.

    • wlennon

      You can download Pokki and have a start menu on the Desktop part of windows 8.1. I have found it quite useful.

  • Yannick

    RTM date is not GA date. For the past major Windows versions, the RTM was completed in August, while the actual release happened 2,5 months later. From October counting, that’s next year.

  • Tarkus

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • WillyThePooh

    From April 2014 to October 2014, if you think a new OS could be developed in half a year, then you are just to naïve. I would expect it is just a patch. If MS calls it win9, then they just want to fool those who believe skipping a version is a good strategy.