Windows 9 might be here this October – Digitimes is back on their BS?

I’m not sure I would pay a lot of attention to this but hey, I said the same thing about Windows Blue and see how that turned out.

Digitimes is reporting that Windows 9 might already be in the works for October of this year.

The quote:

Microsoft is reportedly developing Windows Blue as an independent project that will help merge Windows (PC) with Windows Phone. Rumors have also spread that Microsoft is developing another operating system, which will serve as the next-generation Windows and will be released in October.

Now of course, they go to stress that this is a rumor and Microsoft has no comment.

I call BS on this one but we pledged to bring you all the news and rumors so…

  • Tony Montana

    Hopefully Windows 8 will have 1 major update. Windows 9 beta ASAP. $40 upgrade or price will help sell windows 9.

  • Tony Montana

    Aeo-theme should be an option and the $40 price should be extended.

  • Dewy Dahm

    Why dont we just link them to our checking accounts like our regular bills? GIVE ME A BRAEK!

  • Tony Montana

    Windows 8.1 and Windows 9 should default to a boot that has as many processors as your computer has. It makes boot considerably faster. The majority of users are not aware of this. It could be in the installation process.

    To do it manually on Windows 8 go to the start screen. Type msconfig. Boot. Advanced options and choose the number of processors you have.

  • Annoymous

    Windows is boring