The insider information we have been hearing about the next version of Windows may just be rumors and speculation, but there usually is some truth in most reports that float up.

The latest we know is that Microsoft is hard at work developing two distinct versions of Windows. One is the secretive Windows Blue, which is part of the company-wide Blue initiative that Redmond is trying to put together — most industry circles expect this to be an enhanced upgrade to Windows 8.

Another is the distinct version upgrade of Windows, known currently as Windows 9.

According to some new reports at Soft-forum which were spotted by, Windows 9 is reportedly set to arrive in November 2014, almost two years to the time Windows 8 made its public debut.

The first beta for Windows 9 is currently in the works and is set to land on January 7 next year. A warm beautiful day in July should bring the Windows 9 release candidate. And the RTM version of Windows 9 could be in for a push in October 2014.

Technology enthusiasts among you may recognize that this is a pretty standard release schedule from Microsoft — most versions of Windows have had these milestones fall in these dates and launched at the end of the year.

Of course take everything with a grain of salt and keep a glass of water close by. But all things point to the fact that Microsoft is now eager to bring along yearly updates to the Windows operating system.

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