Windows 9 And Windows 9 Pro May Not Launch At The Same Time

Remember Windows ME? Millennium Edition? The last operating system in the Windows 9x series, it is notable for the fact that Microsoft changed its strategy majorly after the release of this versions of the OS back in 2000.

After this, Redmond decided to release the consumer and pro versions of Windows simultaneously, and in the process provide end users and companies new products at the same time.

Now though, it appears that Microsoft is thinking about changing its release cycle for the next major version of Windows that is on track to begin rolling out in 2015.

Microsoft executive vice president, Terry Myerson, talking at the Credit Suisse 2013 Technology Conference said that consumers and IT professionals have different needs when it comes to operating systems, and the pace at which various versions of Windows are released may need to be revisited.

The plan will need to be approved by the board of directors first, but there is a chance that Windows 9 and Windows 9 Pro may be released at different times.

Companies and organizations, obviously, need much longer testing sessions in order to ensure reliable deployment of a new operating system on their computers — for compatibility and security reasons.

However, this is an interesting proposition, and what Microsoft ultimately decides on promises to be even more fascinating. Still plenty of time left to make a final choice, though.

  • Evil_MrM

    My first reaction was WTF? On reflection, this appears to be a good idea. Businesses, and software developers that write for businesses, need time to evaluate and sometimes rewrite parts of their software to be compatible. Putting out a consumer version at the same time a “business preview” version is released would give companies that time.
    As an example, I cannot upgrade by PC from Win 8 to 8.1 because of a software incompatibility in one of the programs I use every day…