Statistics sure do have a consoling, comforting and reassuring side to them. While the days of frequent program crashes are behind us, applications still do give up on users and crash every now and then.

Every now and then as in 1.85 times per week on average.

This is according to the latest report published by Soluto. The research firm recently released a new report analyzing the reliability of computers that are currently available in the market and powered by the world’s most popular operating system.

The overall stability and performance improvements in Windows have obviously made the platform much more dependable in the last few years. Windows XP was the last major operating system that suffered from a high frequency of application crashes and regular non-responsive events.

And the new study shows that Windows computers experience an average of 1.85 application crashes every 7 days, to go with 1.18 non-responsive events per week.

Microsoft has also managed to dramatically reduce the BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) errors to only 0.08 per week — which is quire some achievement if you think about it. The average number of background processes, on the other hand has reached an astronomical 78.

The boot time, in particular, will be something that will be of interest to a lot of users. Soluto explains:

“The average boot time is 167s. The points’ contribution of a model with boot time X was calculated as follows: (X-167)/60, based on the same rationale described in the background processes.

There is no right or wrong way to measure crashes against boot time. We took a weighing decision that made sense to us. Each model in the top has all those values mentioned: we invite you to play with the numbers yourselves and reach alternative decisions.”

As noted above, the average boot time for Windows computers, according to Soluto’s study is 167 seconds. The minimum time required to get Windows up and running during testing came in at a lightning fast 57 seconds, while the maximum was recorded as 251 seconds.

That’s more than 4 minutes of life wasted waiting for a computer to become usable. Wowzers!

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  • cwoxford

    I must admit to becoming fed up with those Windows beaters. Of course you will have more crashes with windows OS machines, EACH one is different, that includes those bought at the same time with identical specs. Almost all users will configure the pc to suit them and that makes it different to any other even with the same specs. With all the different permutations of software, hardware and user customisation it’s a wonder there aren’t more crashes. Most macs are tied down relating to hardware and cannot be customised to the extent of windows machines. That is what makes computing with a windows machine such an adventure! If you don’t want the joy of saying ‘that’s my machine’ then go to macs or consoles.

  • Mike Greenway

    Where and how did they get there data.? It doesn’t align with our experience, Our problems are very rare.

    I think the wording of your headline is misleading. “Windows applications …” makes it sound like the apps are owned by windows, that windows is responsible for the operation. “Applications that run on windows …” is more correct.

    Number can be presented in so many ways. 2 crashes per 1 week, sounds very bad. App crashes take time, the OS doesn’t go down, so you need to IE because it crashed on some bad web site java script, Lets say 30 second each event, twice a week that’s a minute. Now 1 minute out of the total minutes in a week that the computer is running 2400 minutes. 1/2400 now that sound much better.

  • Josh Stephani

    I have probably only had programs crash on me in Windows a few times ever and I use Windows 8 every day. Also, my PC boots up in about 15 seconds on average, but has been as quick as 5 seconds. I only use a hard drive, no SSD. Also, which PC’s did they use and which OS did they use?