Cloud is fast becoming one of Microsoft’s main businesses. The Windows Azure division joined the billion dollar annual revenue club a few months back, and the cloud service continues its impressive ascent to the top.

And now Redmond has announced that it is teaming up with AT&T to offer enterprise customers a service that combines new cloud integration technology developed by the telecom giant with Microsoft’s very own Windows Azure.

The company detailed this new joint venture in a press release.

This new collaboration with AT&T will allow enterprise and business users the ability to connect their applications and services from their own private cloud service to Azure via a virtual private network.

AT&T will utilize its NetBond technology to combine computing and networking features in order to automate a number of tasks. Here are some additional technical details on this:

“It allows the network and compute resources to flex in tandem to support the fluctuating demands on systems that enterprise cloud users often experience throughout the year. AT&T customers are already able to take advantage of the technology with AT&T’s own cloud offers.

The new cloud solution takes advantage of the Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology underpinning AT&T’s virtual private network solution.”

Microsoft plans to launch this service in the first half of 2014, though financial details of this new venture have been kept under wraps for now.

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