Windows Azure SDK 2.2 Brings Impressive Visual Studio 2013 Integration

Microsoft recently released the latest version of its Windows Azure SDK, which brings around a number of requested features like support for Visual Studio 2013, and integrated sign-ins directly from Visual Studio 2013.

The new update also offers firewall management for SQL databases within Visual Studio, along with remote debugging cloud services. Updated Azure PowerShell Cmdlets and ScriptCenter is also provided.

A fine new addition for developers is the support for integrated sign-in — this enables them to test and manage Windows Azure resources from within Visual Studio without getting into the hassle of downloading and use management certificates.

Plus since this feature handles authentication using Windows Azure Active Directory associated with a user account, enterprises and organizations can use the same authentication model that they use on premise and take it to the clouds.

The security firewall can also now be easily enabled and configured directly within Visual Studio. Users are prompted to add a firewall rule to enable access from local IP address as soon as a connection is established to a SQL Database using the Visual Studio Server explorer.

Redmond also made available the source code of the Windows Azure SDK under an open source license. Windows Azure PowerShell 0.7.0, however, is available as a separate download.

You can take a look at the Windows Azure SDK 2.2 at this link if you are yet to do so.