Windows 8 is here, but what’s in store for the future of Windows 8? We now hear word that Windows Blue is in line for a release in mid-2013. So what exactly is this update all about?

Think of it as a really big service pack, or maybe as Windows 8.1. Whatever you want to call it, Blue will bring some of the first major updates and even UI element changes to Windows 8. Some of the changes said to be on their way into Blue include more flexible and customizable tile sizes, the ability to change the backgrounds with special customizations, and a lot more.

Like I said, this is much more than your typical Windows Service Pack. Sure, some of the service packs added small UI changes and features, but in the past it was mostly about bug fixes and other little updates more than anything.

Is Blue just a free service update or does it cost? It’s hard to say for sure. If Microsoft is trying to be more like a traditional mobile OS maker, then I would expect it to be free though. Sources reporting the Verge also suggest that a new Windows SDK will also be released with Blue and Microsoft will push developers to update their apps to fully support Blue, and won’t offer original Windows 8 updates. If this costs? While Apple does this, I can’t see this kind of yearly OS update model being that popular in the Windows world, but I could be wrong.

According to the Verge, Windows Blue will work to standardize the annual update cycle for both Windows and Windows Phone. What this could mean is that every year a MASSIVE new update comes to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 until their full successors arrive (Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9).

In otherwords, 2013 will see Blue. And 2014 will see something else. Each of these changes will be more than just minor updates and will include new features, UI changes and will basically act as brand new versions of Windows 8 to help refresh it and keep it up to par when compared to other mobile operating systems. More than likely, the same thing will apply to Windows RT.

What do you think of this new concept of major new refreshes to Windows 8 every year until the arrival of Windows 9? Like the idea or not? I know I’m certainly intrigued by the idea.

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