While we don’t know diddlysquat about what Windows Blue is, what it does, or even whether the final product will be called by this name, reports do suggest that Microsoft is internally hard at work on the first major Windows 8 makeover.

In fact, if reports are to be believed it may even be half way there, on target for an August 2013 public release.

The latest intelligence over at ZDNet suggests that Windows Blue has reached the one of the two development stages established by Redmond — in other words development is going smack on schedule.

Blue recently got past what Microsoft has termed the M1 development stage. M1, in this case, most probably is Milestone 1. The second and last important landmark of the whole development process is the M2 stage, which is set to be reached by summer.

Additionally, sources close to the matter have dropped hints that Microsoft may not release a Windows Blue developer preview.

Instead, the company will bring the full version directly to the market sometime this year. Whoa!

If you are thinking this may be risky, then you are not alone. Products like these justify all the time spent on testing and ironing out the bugs. But apparently, Microsoft seems really keen on bringing Windows Blue out in the market as soon as possible, and could probably decide on a somewhat limited test phase.

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    whoa whoa.. never going to happen this year