Windows Blue Is Now Officially Called Windows 8.1, Will Be Free

Windows Blue Is Now Officially Called Windows 8.1, Will Be Free

Oh, boy prepare for a truckload of new details regarding the upcoming upgrade to the Windows platform. Tami Reller is in Boston today speaking at the JP Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom Conference.

The head of the Windows division at Microsoft officially confirmed that Windows Blue will be a free update to Windows 8 that will be available for download from the Windows Store. This should be music to the ears of many who feared that this may be a paid upgrade.

And not just that, Windows Blue is now officially known as Windows 8.1.

Tami Reller also confirmed that the update will also arrive for the company’s Windows RT platform.

There was more than a fair chance that this upgrade would indeed be free, but there were some voices that suggested Microsoft may charge additional money for existing Windows 8 customers. Nevertheless, it is nice to see this rumor quashed into oblivion.

And the fact that it will be available on the Windows Store is just an icing on a very sweet cake.

Regarding release date, Reller stated that the update will arrive by the end of the calendar year. There is a fair chance now that Windows 8.1 will follow the same schedule as Windows 8 — meaning RTM sometime in August and general public release around late October.

Additionally, Microsoft also confirmed that the public preview of the build will be released the first day of its BUILD developer conference, June 26.

  • Ronnie Bruton

    As long as it took me to get windows 8 to work half way decent I don’t think I will jump on this until I find out about the bugs it has. I would put it on another hard drive but that probably won’t be allowed by MS

    • Michael Bradley

      As always (except for ignorant novices) image your device before upgrading the O/S….I call it “The IT Scout’s motto”…….

  • Thomas Lloyd

    Good Old Microsoft doing it’s peoples right. Yay Microsoft.

  • Michael Bradley

    Will it also upgrade RT??

    • Rug Ratz

      realize it probably won’t change the overall function of RT into the “pro” version, but it will be fixing basic issues in RT. My son just got a laptop for graduation that has Windows 8 pro on it – not a touch screen – so this is good news as I was worried that he would have to pay for any fixes. But so far he is loving it.

      • Michael Bradley

        The ONLY way to change RT into Pro is to buy an X86 based tablet….which is why RT (ARM based CPU) is constrained to ARM (or rather, RT) applications. (Non-techies…..Android is lightweight Linux…. which is why I see employment ads on billboards here in L.A. requesting Linux developers)……good job if you can get it!!! all that will change by the end of 2013……

        • Michael Bradley

          P.S. – it hasn’t gotten out yet, but unless MS is hyper-sensitive to selling RT as a Linux competitor, a very knowledgeable Linux person can install RT on a $ 250 chromebook…ASUS or ACER make good ones..I’d LOVE to be at the super secret meetings between Ballmer and Otellini, Intel threatening war if MS ever release a version which can be installed on an ARM based notebook…, I think they’re married….it would be tantamount to filing for divorce….

          • Michael Bradley

            BTW, the $ 50 extra you pay for a $ 299 notebook at Fry’s is going to MS for the Windows license… worth it??? I’d say 99% of average users would resoundingly yell “YES!!!”….

  • Michael Bradley

    Windows will dominate, but that will happen next year…this happens to remind me of the SUN debate over the “NetPC” and how it would wipe out Microsoft….naw….don’t think so….isn’t happening…….just like IBM, Netware, SUN, Linux desktops, Amazon, Google…not going to wipe out MS….Wintel will dominate….it just took the big ship a long time to turn around….