Windows Blue will have a public preview that will be available this summer (in June).

Windows chief Julie Larson-Green confirmed Microsoft will ship a developer release of Windows 8.1

This puts the preview date sometime close to or during the BUILD conference in San Francisco.

I’ll be there to help you all put this in perspective.

Source: Wired


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  • koko bill

    ..fine news..but isn’t it enough of x86 versions any more…?

  • Pebbles

    It will be great to see the improvements.

  • Robert Wilson

    Let’s see another version of windows again so soon. Glad I’m on Linux.

    • Andy

      Linux is no better, probably worse depending on your distro of choice. When I was using Linux it seemed I was upgrading every month! Just take a look at DistroWatch. Windows version paths are far fewer, XP – Vista – 7 – 8, even if you include the SP releases there are far less version updates than say Debian or Ubuntu.

      Provided Blue is just a free SP update then I see no hardship for Windows8 users.

    • bondsbw

      Ubuntu consistently has a release every 6 months. Blue’s release date is still months away, and Microsoft has never had even a point release in less than a year. What are you smoking?

    • Bart

      Why would someone who doesn’t use Windows and is glad he is on Linux bother with a site about any Windows OS? Unless it is just to be critical? If you like Linux it is fine stay with it no problem.

  • Hanna

    what in the heck is going on? My brand new computer is so filled with crash error reports and internet explorer keeps stopping to work, what will windows 8 do to fix all these problems? It’s like a web of lies and we – the consumer – get stuck with the check! Ans it’s a high price to pay when your computer wants to crash all the time….never had this problem with VISTA? Why the heck did you try to fix something that wasn’t broken? I am going to MAC!!!!!

    • Ajax Fox

      No problems with Vista?????? You must have been the ONLY person in the world who DIDNT have an Issue with it……. I may hate windows 8…..(Keep windows 7 IMO its stil the best out there), but, i would NEVER go MAC even if ya paid me….Pfft, mac my ar^e

      • Hanna

        look at MAc’s track record – no updates-no crashes and my Vista worked just fine – better than this wanker of a programme. MAC is failsafe but maybe you’re not “Artistic” enough to appreciate it’s capabilities?

        • Nicolas Fayad

          Artistic? This made my day. Thank you.

          • Hanna

            you are most welcome 🙂

        • Pieter Pieters

          haha, I don’t know how to state this, but am running a IT section with about 15 HP and Canon printers, bunch of Chinese variants, and all this on Windows 8 on a old Core 2 Due HP Probook – Not one day of issues, wait, no, sorry, no issues 🙂

          I truly think you should consider the type of 3rd party apps guys install on there (bread and butter) systems 🙂

        • John

          OS X is the most ugly os ever except maybe ios, and it crashes all the time. It is also VERY slow.

    • Bart

      I have been running Windows 8 since it was a full released version and it hasn’t crashed ever. When I ran the beta and RC versions I didn’t have a crash either.
      Enjoy your Mac.

  • Boondox31

    So is the final release going to be free or does Microsoft expect more money for their failure?

    • Kenneth B. Nyanzi

      I don’t think its failure: think of a point where hardware and software are pushing each other. Big data and cloud. The demand for more Productivity applications and mobility. Who does it better?

  • Nicolas Fayad

    MS’s only failure was a lack of marketing and tutorials for people who can’t learn a few basic things on their own when faced with a new interface. I have been using Windows 8 since the very first public preview without a single issue and it’s better in every single way than any version of Windows before it.
    I still cannot understand how anyone could miss the old start button. In less than 5 seconds you can access any program, any screen in Windows by a combination of the Windows key (takes you to the metro interface) and typing the first few letters of the program name you want to open to quickly find it and click on it. How this could be a problem to anyone is beyong my comprehension.
    Just going through the Financial Times article and the comments of enlightened PC users and MAC fanboys, I couldnt’ believe the things I was reading. There are actually people who still didn’t understand that you can unpin live tiles and customize the metro interface to only display whatever you need. Don’t people think anymore these days before posting stupidities??
    Anyway, MS will bring back to you the Start button and give you direct access to the desktop. Hopefully these people will finally stop complaining and learn how to properly use a new interface one step at a time…

  • sbates1712

    well all I can say about it all is a fact that since the evolution of windows we had windows 3 series which was fun then we had 95 which kept throwing wobblies, then 98 which was the finished version and worked, then millennium another 95, then xp the best up till then, then vista a total time warp backwards, then windows 7 the best there is yet, then windows 8 another time warp backwards so all I can say is roll on windows 9 cause that should be windows 8 fixed lol but is windows blue the fix for windows 8 has Microsoft listened a bit earlier well see they never have to date.

  • Alan Smithee

    I never had a issue with Vista either, then again that was at home and not work. W7 has been a rock and W8 is a step back so far, had my second computer updated to W8, but I still rely on my old W7 to keep up the firm base at home. Running W8 @ work on a HP elite pad, SO much frustration!!!!!

    One can only hope W8.1 is better and that more drivers are updated. No, all that worked on W7 does Not work on W8.

  • Joe Danko