There is already a truckload of new features and options that are to be implemented in Windows Blue, but we may just have our first look at a new one that is to be integrated into the operating system.

Apparently there is dedicated option that allows users to launch Metro apps in a new window. At least this is what this report suggests after a recently leaked build of the operating system was tested.

This particular option can be accessed by right clicking the live tile of a Metro app.

If an option like this is included in the final version of Windows Blue, then Metro apps could be easily launched in a new window, as the image above shows. This could come real handy in case users wish to open multiple instances of a particular application.

Microsoft has not provided any specific details on this, and whether this is an option exclusive to the desktop versions of Windows 8.1, but more information is likely to be provided in a couple of weeks.

The software titan is currently gearing up to launch the public preview of the upcoming OS at the BUILD developer conference set to take place in San Francisco later this month.

And it appears that even though Redmond has detailed a fair bit on several new features of Windows Blue, it is still saving up a bunch for the keynote speeches at BUILD.

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  • John

    That does not mean you will be able to use metro apps on the desktop.

  • Ichlasul Affan

    The button is also appeared in Windows 8, it opens a desktop version of IE, not a metro one..