Windows Blue Update Will Not Be Compulsory

At this point in time we know an awful lot about Windows Blue. Most of what is incoming with the new operating system has been officially confirmed, and a lot of the speculated stuff is verified via screenshots and presentation photos.

Microsoft, obviously, has saved a few details for the BUILD developer conference set to take place in San Francisco at the end of the month.

But in the meantime, the software titan has been providing us with a constant trickle of information, everything from how certain new features will look, to how the operating system will be installed.

The preview version of Windows 8.1 will start showing up in the Windows Store from June 26, and users will be able to install it with a few clicks of the mouse — or taps of the touchscreen, what have you.

One thing that is often inquired about the upcoming update to the company’s flagship operating system is how Microsoft will push it to Windows 8 workstations (and devices). And this is an important consideration, so much so that a company spokesperson confirmed it recently.

The details are over at ZDNet, which state that users will be allowed to decide whether they want to install Windows 8.1 or not. In case, you are already satisfied with Windows 8 (or want to install the update at a later date), you can delay the update as long as you want.

Users will be given the option to install Windows 8.1 or even completely skip it. However, the update will continue to be available in the Store in case they change their mind.

So there you have it — Windows 8.1 will not be mandatory. What are your plans for the new version of Windows? Will you be firing up the Windows Store on release day, or prefer to wait out a little while before installing the newest version of the operating system. Share them in the comments below.

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