In a new post on WinSuperSite, Paul Thurrott found something interesting. Apparently, Windows Blue will allow you to uninstall apps across multiple PC’s at once.

In Windows 8.1, at the Start Screen, you right-click the app you wish uninstall and then choose Uninstall from the app bar.

The screen above shows up and you get the option to uninstall the app from ALL your PC’s where you are logged in with a Microsoft account. As the pop-up explains, uninstalling the app also removes all data associated with the app.

Another good catch by Thurrott – from a user interface perspective this should be changed.

The default behavior should be to uninstall from one PC with the option to click the checkbox for multiple PC’s.

I think this will be fixed before they release the update.


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  • John Walker

    It does not matter what MS does, as it will not change my thoughts and feelings about paying to have so much bloatware installed, then having to pay extra to have them take it all out, but the major changes MS is doing and what they forced people to get/buy when they buy a new computer, does not set well with me.
    MS has gone downhill since leaving their best system which was the XP.
    MS should have gone back to that platform, and done some upgrades, integration of software to move it into using Apps, etc.
    Win7, then Win8, now Blue, and 6 months later another one.
    No wonder business’s do not want to change because MS can’t get just one thing right since their XP.
    It will be the highly priced MAC for me for my next computer withing 6 months.

    • CompUser

      It’s sort of a shame that some people insist on ruining good news by whining about something that really has nothing directly to do with the subject of the good news. If you don’t like the product, don’t use it. Why do you feel this need to try to spoil the occasion for everyone else?

      • Kane Shaw

        I agree.. also, Windows XP was by far not the best.
        People are just stuck in the past.
        Windows 7 and 8 are both far better. Even Vista wasn’t bad if you upgraded your old programs/hardware.
        Credentials: IT Manager.

  • CompUser

    That will be a really nice feature. I have apps on three computers, and being able to uninstall them from all three at once, when I’m no longer using them, will save a lot of time. As sort of a related new feature I’d like to see, is if game apps could sync with every computer they’re installed on, so no matter which of my three systems I’m using, the games are at the same spot when I start playing them.

  • Daniel Gray

    And if Apple keeps losing stock price as fast as they have been, there may not be an Apple to buy from in 6 months. I mean according to Bloomberg and the WSJ, Apple has lost darn near half of their stock price since Jan 1, 2013 to today (down from $700. a share to just a hair above $400. a share..a loss of 48% of their stock price.) cant keep losing money like that and expect to stay in business. You might want to start looking at Unix and Lunix John Walker.

  • Rug Ratz

    Wonder if this feature is in Windows 8.1 pro or the general Windows 8.x available to consumer PCs as well? Many people have “networks” at homes now (and small business offices) that might all have the same software installations on multiple PCs. I’ve got 3 at mine, though 1 is Win xp and 2 others are wire-less and Windows 7. Wonder how it will react to computers on same network with same software but different OS versions?