Windows Dev Center Gets A Revamp Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Launch

Microsoft is busy preparing for the crucially important release of Windows 8.1 later this year, but the software titan wants to go in all bases covered this time around.

And perhaps the most important part of this brand new Windows experience is the apps on offer, at least as far as the tablets and mobile devices are concerned. The emphasis on touch calls for optimized apps that are built with touch in mind.

As Redmond gets close to the public debut of the preview version of Windows 8.1 in June, the company is also trying to get closer to the developers ahead of this important milestone.

To accomplish this, Microsoft has just updated the Windows Dev Center.

The newly revamped Dev Center is now divided into four different sections — namely Windows Store apps, Internet Explorer, Windows desktop and finally, Hardware. The software titan explained the refresh in a blog post:

“The Windows team is focused on growing a vibrant and thriving app ecosystem. This is manifested in three ways: great apps, great economics, and great reach opportunity. The new Dev Center connects app builders, designers and businesses with the resources they need to succeed in developing great apps and building a business with Windows.”

Apart from the vibrant new look, the Windows Dev center also gets a bunch of new features and an updated navigation model. The website first launched back in October 2011.

If you code for Microsoft platforms, then this redesigned website will provide you with plenty more information, and tons of new resources, as well as a streamlined interface. Feel free to share your thoughts on this refreshing new refresh, particularly if you are a developer.

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