Windows Dynamics CRM App for Windows 8 due by mid-2103

ZD Net reports today Microsoft’s announcement it will deliver a Windows 8 version of its Dynamics CRM application by mid-2013.  They join SAP and Workday, who both committed earlier this week to building Metro-Style/Windows Store applications for Windows 8.

From ZDNet, here are some concept screen shots of the coming Dynamics CRM client app for Windows 8:



The Dynamics AX Sales Dashboard may look like this


The sales-development process on a Windows 8 version of Dynamics CRM may look like this


ZDNet notes that business apps are few and far between among the 10,000-odd apps that exist in the Windows store.  The early arrival of the Windows Dynamics CRM client will be welcome for Microsoft as they make what will be a long and concerted push into the enterprise.

Do you like the look of Dynamics CRM with the Metro interface?