If you thought the newly-released Windows Embedded 8 was staying out of the Blue phenomenon, think again. The Blue update also extends to this particular operating system.

Soon after word first came out regarding Windows Blue, Microsoft confirmed that ‘Blue’ is actually a codename for a companywide initiative to update several of its cored products, the foremost of these being Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Now Redmond has confirmed another product for the Blue project.

In a post on the official Windows Embedded blog, David Wurster, Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Senior Product Manager explains:

“With Windows Blue, we are furthering our platform alignment with Windows to address a growing category of devices on the edge of enterprise networks and will be bringing the update to market later this year. We’re excited to share more information in the coming weeks.”

Any specific details for what will be included in the Blue upgrade for this particular version of Windows have not yet been revealed. But it stands to reason that the software titan may have taken customer feedback on board to develop this new upgrade.

In any case Microsoft will be sharing more information in the weeks to come, as stated above.

Windows Embedded 8 is obviously an OS made for embedded hardware systems like ATMs, cash registers and other such devices.

After a preview version in November 2012, Microsoft launched Windows Embedded 8 in March this year. Windows Embedded 8 Industry saw daylight in April, while the third major variant of this operating system, Windows Embedded 8 Industry Enterprise is scheduled for release in July.

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