Microsoft is ready to pull the plug on another version of Windows. This time around, Windows Server 2003 is heading for retirement, with the date set for July 2015.

Experts have already fired the warning shots, asking users to initiate their upgrade processes.

And just like was the case with Windows XP, Redmond itself is recommend users to switch to newer versions of its server platform — for security reasons primarily, and feature enhancements secondarily. Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure is as good a combination as any.

According to statistics there are at least 10 million Windows Server 2003 machines out there.

And according to reports, not all of them will be making the move to newer build of Windows. Instead, many organizations are now contemplating switching over to Linux solutions, the most obvious choice out there for them.

This information comes from server makers in Taiwan, by the way.

And it confirms that convincing these businesses and users to upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to a newer version is a challenge for Microsoft.

The July 2015 deadline is not that far off, and the server market itself is continuously increasing. IDC data reveals that the server market generated $12.6 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2014, an uplift of 2.5% compared to the previous quarter. Total unit sales came in at 2.2 million.

Much to ponder for the Microsoft.

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  1. Moved all but two of our 2003 servers to 2008 R2 when it came out and started moving to 2012 R2 when it came out. I virtualized the two 2003 servers due to a department using a non-supported app on them still.

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