In December we reported the news that Microsoft was preparing to discontinue support for Windows Live Messenger, with the final date being March 15th. There was some negative attention to the idea, with many users not too pleased about having to move over to Skype or another messenger service— even if Skype works with your current Microsoft account.

The good news is that March 15th doesn’t see the complete end of Live Messenger, as the back-end is not being shut down on that date. From the sounds of it, March 15th marks the date that the WLM client will be blacklisted from working, requiring the move to Skype instead.

Still, 3rd party messenger clients will continue to play nicely. The rest of the messenger components like XMPP won’t actually be retired to October of 2011. Finally in March of 2014, Microsoft’s MSP protocol will cease to work, the final nail so to speak.

So what does this all mean? Basically you can be stubborn and hang on to a 3rd party messenger service is you so choose. Honestly though, with Microsoft working against you to phase it out, it might be easier to just make the move now.

What do you think, should Microsoft phase out Messenger or do you think they should have kept dual support for both Skype and Live Messenger?

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  • xinu

    I cannot even remember the last time I used Messenger. I think many people simply moved to social networks which allow quick text communication. I enjoy using Skype but only for video, it seems thats what it was designed for and thats what its good for. I will not be using Skype as a messenger replacement.