If you have been keeping tabs on the market share statistics of the Windows platform, you are bound to have seen some numbers that showed the platform was starting to lose users.

In fact, the most significant drop came this March when the overall share dipped below the magical 90% mark. A small decline in the grand scheme of things, but it showed that at least some users (or businesses) were open to trying out some new adventures.

Well, bad news for those that claimed the Windows Empire was crumbling.

Because even though some users have switched to competing platforms like Mac OS X and Linux in the past six months or so, Microsoft’s operating platform has managed to increase its market share closer to the levels when Windows 8 launched.

Criticized soon after launch, heavily criticized from some circles, Windows 8 was said to be the main reason for this dramatic drop in numbers.


But it appears that these users are finally embracing the platform.

Net Applications data for the month of May 2014 shows that Windows is now powering some 90.99% of the desktop computers worldwide.

Corresponding figures for Mac OS X and Linux came in at 7.39% and 1.62% respectively.

Now some might say that a 0.19% rise is nothing to write home about, it is also worth a mention that casual estimates peg the total amount of computers around the globe at 1.5 billion.

If this does not show that the changes Microsoft is making are working, then nothing will.

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  1. As you said, .19% is definitely a significant change due to the pure amount of users. Windows just needs to keep putting out good software and they won’t ever lose a significant amount of customers. Just avoid making things like Vista and they’ll be fine.

  2. let’s just call a spade a spade. Yes, there is some valid criticism of Windows 8.x. There is valid criticism of any product. But the real reason it’s gotten so much press, as does Surface and Windows Phone is because most of the people behind the scenes are Apple Fans. They see this as an opportunity to pounce and to keep new Microsoft platforms from really getting off the ground.

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