First time since the nifty 90s, that is. While the operating system that made Microsoft what it is still continues to be the number one choice for traditional desktops and laptops, things are on a very interesting trajectory.

Basically, if this trend continues (or picks up pace), things could change in the years to come.

As this report states, the world is changing, and Windows now has to contend with increased competition on desktops to go with its mobile battles. The latest figures released by the two leading market research firms for the month of March 2014 confirms the change.

NetMarketShare now has some 89.96 percent of traditional computers running Windows the world over, while StatCounter claims figures of 89.22 percent.

Neck and neck, but it pretty much confirms the dip of below the 90 percent mark.

In the meantime, Mac OS X has managed to reach a record 8 percent share, while the remaining 2 or so percent is reserved for Linux and other such operating platforms.

Not quite trouble in paradise, but the sings are not all too encouraging.

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  • Ray C

    Well, of course Mac was going to reach close to 10% eventually. We’ve had about a decade and a half people telling us how Apple and the Mac are the greatest things in the history of earth, even before the iPod and iPhone took off. Plus, way many more people are willing to spend a lot more money than they need to just because someone else has in today’s society as compared to when Microsoft first passed Apple.

  • Ted Smith

    Microsoft owning 89% of the market is still an enormous amount. Apple does seem to be praised much more and this is a bit concerning if the trend continues, but Microsoft still reigns supreme according to the numbers, obviously.

  • Jason Claven

    I would like to see the breakdown of these numbers. For instance, desktop vs laptops, business vs personal, and a bunch of other specifics. Either way, Microsoft is still in control.

  • Bill Franklin

    I honestly had no idea Microsoft controlled the market this much! I’m admittedly ignorant on the numbers, but I’m stunned with the overwhelming numbers. To answer the question, though, I don’t think Microsoft needs to worry just yet. Apple has momentum, but as you can see, they still have a long, long way to go.

    • Ag Ponzio

      It’s not Apple who Microsoft fears. It’s GNULinux who will sooner than I thought beat Windows. (unless apple goes cheap, which is like saying unless Trump goes humanitarian).

  • Jake

    Staggering numbers. There’s no doubt about it. I am curious though what percentage of individuals still purchase desktops instead of laptops or tablets. I assume the majority of desktop purchases are made by companies or institutions.

    • Superade

      A huge horde of Gamers buy expensive desktop PC’s as well remember.

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  • Superade

    Do those stats include the 99% of unlicensed copies being used in China, Russia, Africa etc?
    The mac bubble will burst soon enough when people tire of shelling out a fortune for each very ‘Similar as the last incarnation’ of the iWhatever it is. Also people tend to hold on to them for twice as long due to the price I reckon. Stupid really seeing as their upgrade paths are generally completely stunted on anything other than the Pro boxes (that nobody buys)
    Linux always has the feeling of too many cooks with me, it’s fun to mess about with for five minutes or to use as a free server solution for cheapskate cusomers but I couldn’t be bothered with it 24/7 that’s for sure.