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For those who haven’t followed my previous posts, I went ahead and made Windows Developer Preview my primary OS for a little over a month. During this time I really found that I enjoyed the operating system, although there was nothing about it that particularly made it BETTER to me than Windows 7. I generally used the desktop mode but what about Metro? How did I feel about the new interface?

During my time using Windows Developer Preview I found that I spent little time actually using the METRO Start Launcher. The applications that are present aren’t too bad, such as Treehouse Stampede (a fun little word game), but they really don’t show off what Windows 8 can really do or offer anything that really kept me wanting to stay in METRO.

Until a proper marketplace arrives on scene it is really hard to judge METRO’s worth. Luckily, a better look is on its way with the BETA (which arrives sometime between end of Jan and end of Feb). Even before the BETA arrives Microsoft intends to reveal its Windows Store Plans for W8 in a briefing next week.

Microsoft is inviting a number of press members, analysts, and developers to a preview event in San Francisco on December 6th that will last about two hours.

The event is entitled “Windows Store Preview” and should provide developers with key information about the company’s plans in Windows 8.

Microsoft has previously detailed some of the Windows Store features at its BUILD developer event, including the fact that Windows Store is a METRO app and built on the same WinRT APIs that developers can use across all their W8 Metro apps.

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Windows Store uses HTML 5 and JavaScript to provide end users a portal for secure and tested applications. Microsoft will also include a spotlight section for the top Metro apps, similar to the way it does with Windows Phone. All apps include a brief overview, full detail page, and reviews. The apps will also state if the app is supported by x86/64/ARM.

Websites will also be able to advertise their Windows 8 Metro applications for download on their own sites. Websites with an application will include a button that allows end users to launch or download the app. This button will push users over to the Metro app and allow them to download or try out an application.

More details will likely be seen at the upcoming preview next week. The ability to easily port Windows Phone 7 apps to METRO should mean that by the time Windows Marketplace arrives (either in Beta or final) many of the best WP7 apps will exist on the Marketplace and many great new apps for Metro will exist as well.

Check out the video below to get a better look at the Windows Store and what awaits us in the Marketplace:


Once the Marketplace arrives to 8, we’ll finally have a better look at what Metro will mean for Microsoft’s future. Do you think that many WP7 apps will get the port treatment to Windows 8 METRO? Are you looking forward to the Marketplace in Windows 8? Share your thoughts below.

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