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Windows Mobile 7

Mobile phones need no introduction, they are one of the fastest growing means of wireless communication. Technology, and the cut-throat mobile phone competition has given rise to an inversely proportional relationship between the features and the price – as features rise, the price lowers. For instance, smartphones – the multitasking, multi featured phone was once prized around 20,000- 35,000. interestingly, some of the latest smartphones launched in the market are priced at around 8-10,00, and the prices are expected to go down further. Now, these smartphones are also known for their computer like functionalities, they work on a processor, and an operating system more so like a PC.

Microsoft recently launched Windows Mobile 7, a new operating system succeeding the Microsoft’s earlier OS platform windows mobile 6.5. This OS comes after a series of launches by the IT honcho’s competitors, including Android- the Google operating system. The Windows Mobile 7 specifically targets the recent surge in the popularity of smartphones, and promises to deliver high end functionalities and a userfriendly interface. Microsoft services such as Zune media service and Xbox LIVE gaming environment are integrated into the Windows Mobile 7. While the Xbox lures the gaming addicts, the popular Zune media services synchronizes the music and video files, and quenches the thirst of music buffs.

“Live Tiles”-a virtual post-its for the Mobile Phones, has also been incorporated. It basically offers shortcuts for favorite apps or web sites in the form of large, colorful tiles, and being “Live” they work in real time environment. So, if you have a shortcut ofFacebook or Twitter on the live tiles, the content updated on the website will be automatically updated on your screen. Another new application for the Windows mobile 7 is “Hubs”,

which is a combination of around six themes including people, pictures, games , marketplace, music and office. Further, Microsoft has locked the Windows Mobile 7 User interface, thereby restricting the hardware sharing, these platforms are only shared to the company’s hardware partners including Dell,HTC, Garmin ASUS, LG, Samsung, SE, Toshiba, HP and Qualcomm . This move is seen to be aimed at addressing rising security concerns amongst the consumers. One major factor for this OS, is that it does support flash integration, which is an integral part of almost all theweb pages online. Microsoft here, tries to balance things by making the Windows Mobile 7, as neither an open ended, and nor a complete closed end application.

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