Windows News – PCHealthBoost Reader Review

So I got a lot of email saying that Windows News readers wanted software recommendations but wanted somewhere where they could give each other feedback.

So let’s give this a try.

Today’s Product is PCHealthBoost.



The Claim by the vendor

In just 2 minutes, the PC HealthBoost application performs a comprehensive error scan of your PC, locating and repairing these errors and cleaning these remnant files. Simply put, PC HealthBoost software improves your overall PC speed and performance! Click here to download PC HealthBoost® now!

In just 2 minutes, PC HealthBoost software can show you all the registry errors and invalid files that could be slowing your PC down, and safely repairs them at the click of a mouse button!

Looking to Speed up Your PC or improve its overall Performance and Health Look no further PC HealthBoost® automatically optimizes your PC by eliminating registry corruption and other problems and will have it running like new again with just a few clicks of the mouse PC HealthBoost® uses patent pending technology to safely scan your system and repair your registry improving PC speed and performance.


Here are the rules.

  1. Simply download the basic version of the software.
  2. Try it out on your PC
  3. Use the comments below and let us know what you think about the software.

The FREE Download Link

=> You can download your copy here.

Use the comments below and let us know if the software is effective is helping you clean up your system!

  1. This product is like all the other “quick fix” software. Promises to fix all problems if you download and run the software. Then it only fixes some of the problems unless you purchase the software. There is no way of determining if the problems are real or just fabricated to entice you to purchase the software. Product provider claims to be a microsoft partner. It ran fast. I am not a computer whiz, so I have no way of determining if all the “problems” found are real. I have run other software I have and no problems were found.

  2. I also downloaded and ran the software. it supposedly fixed a few problems, but unless you actually bought the software it would not fix the rest of the “supposed” problems. I monitor my system regularly with other software that is completely free, and comes highly recommended by many IT’s that are up on all this stuff. My system is fast, but maybe not as fast as it could or should be, however, this program found over 4,000 different issues that said needed fixing. If that were true…..not sure it would even come on! I have noticed no difference in the few errors that is said were fixed. If you wanted a true test of how well this product performs, then I would suggest setting up a way where you could run the entire fix program once or twice for free, then you would be able to get a more realistic idea of the value of this program. As it is…..this test is no better than all the other companies out there that use the free fix for a “come on” to sell their product. At this point, I am certainly not impressed nor will I purchase this product without further proof that it works better than the free programs I am already running. Thanks for your effort though…..but it needed a bit more thought put into it to get a true reading.

  3. Download and ran scan, looks like (DUH) maybe, but it failes to FIX anything unless you BUY the product… Not FREE to try, so NO DEAL. another SCAM. will totally remove with REVO. sorry, but I did try.

  4. This product loaded and installed quickly. It ran fast and found several errors. In order for you to fix the errors you must purchase the software. There is no way to really evaluate the software without purchasing.

  5. It sucks! … unable to recommend until buy . Found 157 errors and only fixed 7. I recommend BoostSpeed from Auslogics

    • You like BoostSpeed? Why?

      • I have removed BOOST SPEED – which I find causes some issues…

        Unless you kill the auto start w/windows causes a delay, with the defrag,
        I also find errors but reboot after and again it finds almost the same errors… instead of making PC Faster it actually slows down and the internet fix, ATT resets what BoostSpeed fixes.. I would really like a trial test of PC Healthboost instead of a BUY to TEST….

  6. Tried it and it found 599 errors and fixed 10. If you really wanted to offer a product for us to buy, unlock the full version so we can test in a real environment. I personally will not purchase something on a claim from the manufacturer. Didn’t improve my system, so I would not buy off of trial / test. Uninstalled right after this as in didn’t work for me!

  7. I’m with the other people- Need to use for like 1-2 Months to get a review on it. Did a good job finding problems.But it don’t show me inprovment of my system.

    Thanks Onuora for letting me use it.

  8. I agree with all the others. It found problems but unless the full package is purchased the problems remain. I use power suite by Uniblue and have software for Tune-up Utilities from AVG. As I monitor and do regular clean up and scans I tend not to notice much of a difference, even though lots of problems are sometimes highlighted. Jim Orrock.

  9. It did say it found 308 errors on my system, but did not fix any. Now when i try to connect to the owner site. it refuses to connect…

  10. clifton stillman / August 2, 2014 at 10:36 am /Reply

    sorry dude but I will not muck up my system with software that promises a one fix cure all.Why fix what is not broken.using registry cleaners are just asking for problems.Thanks anyway.

  11. I agree with the others in that if you ask us to evaluate a software then we should have the full suite, even if for a one time only use. It did find errors but myself like the others are not going to purchase the product in order to fix remaining problems. This is nothing more then another selling tactic by a co. to sell a product. I do hope that in future if you want a true evaluation that you get us the full suite.

  12. This is just a bunch of pig-wash. How can software be evaluated when we have to make a purchase. Some one at your firm must be in KAhoots with this firm for the MULA!

  13. we already have trusted app ( tuneup utilities ) we do not want more commercial stuff

  14. yes speedy so what, i was talkin to you Onuora about the beta 9

  15. if we are old few testers as u said. please Onuora send us an interesting task

  16. A selling scam like many others. Many errors found but you must purchase complete program to correct. Like a hostage situation. Loss of faith in this website and author.

  17. This is a follow up of previous post. After I uninstalled the software the I received the following

  18. I d/l and installed the software. Ran it to see what would happen, and it found some registry errors and fixed some of them. Then it said I had to register it to get the rest of the errors fixed. I thought this is from Onoura so it should be OK. Yeh, sure. It said it would give me $10.00 off if I bought the software. Wait a minute, I am testing it and it wants me to buy it? Good this MS didn’t do that with Office, it would still be in Beta. Onoura, the pm ‘seems’ to run quickly, but it will be a cold day in Phoenix AZ when I buy something I am supposed to be testing for the mfg. I feel that this is no different than the other programs that will check your system for problems, tell you what they are and say ‘Do you want me to fix them or should I leave it broken? If you want me to fix it this is what the bill is.” From my mechanic I expect this.

  19. Hey Onuora my friend you got scammed on this one. Sad to say. As others have reported it’s just a come on to get money. I doubt that the full package would fix much if anything on your system. If it did then why hide behind a trial version that will not fix everything the first time then let you purchase it to keep your system clean and stable? Thank you for the attempt to get a test of the software so that you could get a wide range of users and their feedback on it. Keep up the good work.

  20. penultimateName / August 2, 2014 at 3:17 pm /Reply

    I paid for it a few years ago. Worked great for awhile until it bricked my PC.

  21. Onuora,

    Sorry mate but this is a bit of a scam..The S/W is old hat and the install is only something you would see with cheap “Free” programs.. you were sold short on this one. Now I got to get rid of the S/W manually as it does not completely uninstall..

  22. I agree with all…this is a prime candidate for “Revo Uninstaller”…which will get this completely out of your system and registry! Stick to the trusted ones: Tune-Up utilities, or my favorite for the past decade CCleaner.

  23. Muhammad Rafiqur Rahman Khan / August 2, 2014 at 4:41 pm /Reply

    Simply excellent, I very much appreciate the program taken by Mr. Onuora. Thanks. From Dhaka, Bangladesh

  24. Program says if repaired a few items, couldn’t tell any difference. This is along the same lines as other “free software” that repairs problems and speeds up computers. No deal, just another ‘DUD’.

  25. Program said it repaired a few items, but my computer runs no different.
    No ‘deal’. Just another ‘dud’…There are a lot of them out there. Not sure if I would call it a scam. Poor souls trying to make a living and hope that their hard work on these programs will pay off…

    • Well I do feel that most programs have a 30 day trial or at least add a counter to all FULL TEST. not buy to test….

  26. I installed the program and ran it. It told me I had 2373 errors on my computer. I cliked on Fix All Errors but it only fixed 17 and you had to register and purchase the program to fix the remaining errors. Obviously I am not going to purchase the program to see if it lives up to its claims.

  27. Walter Savell / August 4, 2014 at 3:45 am /Reply

    Just another scare marketing ploy! If their program is as lame as their marketing technique, I don’t want it, so I won’t try to make this one of the best reviews.

  28. Installed PCHealthboost. IOBIT Malware fighter said that this was malware, but it did install. Found 149 errors. Supposedly corrected 48, 101 were left uncorrected. However they said: ” In just 2 minutes, PC HealthBoost software can show you all the registry errors and invalid files that could be slowing your PC down, and safely repairs them at the click of a mouse button!” Yes, it did show them, but it wanted you to buy the program to fix the remaining errors. Why do they say then, “Download a FREE copy of the software here” when you have pay for it, very misleading. I uninstalled it Via Revo Uninstaller. Did a reboot of the computer and then checked the registry via REGEDIT if any components were left in the registry. It said none found. So my feeling Onuora is this, If anything says it is FREE it better be free to evaluate it. JS

  29. As soon as I started the Install I got a Malware Warning, so deleted the program.

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