The days when Windows was the top target of cybercriminals are behind us.

Microsoft’s line of Windows operating systems had the infamous distinction of being the most attacked OS for what seems like eternity. Ever since the days of Windows 95, the platform has been in the eyes of cybercriminals who have exploited it, vulnerability by vulnerability.

But the trend is slowly changing, says security firm Sophos.

In its Security Threat Report 2013 that just saw light of the day, the security experts at the company explain how Windows is no longer the main concern of cybercriminals — the growth of Mac and Android platforms has opened up, shall we say, new horizons for these wee devils?

Of course, the little fact that Microsoft has invested heavily to improve the security of its operating system has also played its part. And this obviously is something that can be built upon. Result? Windows 8 is without doubt the most secure operating system on the planet. The company noted:

“In 2012, we saw attackers extend their reach to more platforms, from social networks and cloud services to Android mobile devices. We saw them respond to new security research findings more rapidly, and leverage zero-day exploits more effectively”.

The next year, however, will see these attacks aimed at a wider variety of platforms.

“Security really is about more than Microsoft. The PC remains the biggest target for malicious code today, yet criminals have created effective fake antivirus attacks for the Mac. Malware creators are also targeting mobile devices as we experience a whole new set of operating systems with different security models and attack vectors”.

And Windows 8 is on another level of secure compared to Windows 7, owing to the fact that it makes do without the desktop gadgets and the inclusion of Windows Defender as a dedicated antivirus solution.

“Once, almost everyone ran Windows. Attackers attacked Windows. Defenders defended Windows. Those days are gone”.

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