Windows 7.8 is finally here. Well, almost. It seems that the folks over at Windows Phone Central have learned that AT&T is getting Windows Phone 7.8 for the Nokia Lumia 900 starting on January 30th. The information comes from a leaked internal AT&T email, apparently.

One handset does not a full Windows 7.8 launch make, but it is a good starting point. It also falls in line with the recent rumored rollout date of January 31st for most Windows 7.8 handsets.

Not much else is known about AT&T or any other US carriers rollout plans, but IF your current handset is going to get the update, my guess is it will happen sometime between next week and the month of February.

Personally, I don’t even own a Windows Phone 7.x handset and I’m sick of the waiting and all the games, date delays and other drama related to the launch of the final update to Windows Phone 7. I can’t imagine how all the actual owners of these devices are feeling.

Do you have a Windows Phone 7.8 handset? Are you annoyed by the long wait or were you perfectly content with your current version of Windows Phone 7?

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  • Robert W. Burnham

    I have a Samsung Focus, and I am eagerly awaiting the 7.8 update.

    I was originally going to get a Windows Phone 8 handset, but Microsoft’s mishandling of media management (especially podcasts) in WP8 put a stop to that idea. Until they fix that, I cannot justify buying a WP8 handset, therefore the 7.8 update has become all the more important.