Talk about getting the runaround. Some rumors suggest we won’t get Windows Phone 7.8 on older handsets until early 2013. Others suggest the upgrade is coming in a matter of just a few days.

Now it seems that at a TechEd event in Russia, Nokia’s Sergey Rudenko said the update is coming in December.

When the heck is this thing coming for real? It’s really hard to say at this point, but if anyone knows for sure outside of Microsoft, it would be Nokia.

In the meantime, you don’t have to want any longer to get the upgrade if you are willing to take the risk that comes with possibly bricking your phone, as a new mod always you to flash your older handset over to Windows Phone 7.8, at least for a few supported devices.

By the time Microsoft finally gets around releasing this update, most of users will be out of their two year contracts and ready to make the move to a newer phone. Still, there are reasons to be patient for those stuck with their older Windows Phone 7 handset for another year or more. Windows Phone 7.8 is said to add a lot of functionality from Windows Phone 8, including the much more attractive looking tile screen.

Are you sick of the wait? If so, are you considering manually flashing it or even jumping ship to Windows Phone 8 (or another platform) earlier than you expected?

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