Smartphone users of Windows Phone 7.5 have been waiting – with some frustration -for the Windows Phone 7.8 update to arrive for some time.  So it was good news to hear from Windows Phone Colombia today that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will arrive beginning January 31- a scant week away.

The caveat here is that this is when the rollout will begin.  The Facebook post says the rollout will continue through the first quarter, so it would be weeks before all users receive the updates. In addition, no formal announcement has come from Microsoft yet, so this has to remain firmly in the “strong rumor” camp for now.

As is typical, AT&T and T-Mobile are expected to to roll the update out as soon as they get it, while Verizon has the reputation of delaying their updates.  The new Windows 7.8 update will bring features that help to harmonize it with Windows Phone 8.  The features include;

  • New homescreen experience with more room for your Live Tiles, which are now resizable.
  • Set the Bing image of the day as the Lock Screen wallpaper.
  • Pocket and child Lock screen Security
  • 20 new accent theme colours
  • Bluetooth Share (for DRM free media files)
  • Cinemagraph add-on to create blend and photo and movie-like animation, creating photos that are alive
  • New camera lenses to remove unwanted objects in your photos such as passers-by or people on the edge of the shot the spoil the photo.
  • Updated Contacts Transfer application
  • Updates Contact Share application
  • Ringtone Maker application

Do you you use Windows 7.5 and will you be updating?

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