The Finnish phone maker Nokia would soon bring its new series of smart phones based on Windows Phone 7 Operating System.  The news came from a tech blogger who closely follows Nokia. It is said that Nokia and Microsoft have started talks regarding this.
Eda Murtazin who operates from Russia has stated that Stephen Elop, the former Microsoft Business Division president who now heads Nokia has initiated the talks. However no comments have come from Nokia and Microsoft yet. Similar rumors have been observed in the blogosphere ever since Elop became the Nokia CEO leaving Microsoft in September.  
Nokia’s phone business which is primarily centered on the Symbian open source OS and Nokia’s own technology has shook up ever since Elop’s arrival. Elop assumed the position tripping down Anssi Vanjok, the former Nokia Mobile Solutions VP who was considered the main contender to be the successor of former Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Analysts believe the 29 year old Anssi Vanjok left the organization feeling spurned by the company’s decision on its head job.
The new coalition would help Microsoft widen its appeal of Windows Phone 7 especially in Europe where Nokia has always remained the market leader. No early sales date for Windows Phone 7 has been provided by Microsoft since its launch in October. The analysts perceive this silence from Microsoft as the poor performance of the brand new OS.
Observers believe that Windows Phone 7 will be Microsoft’s last chance to regain the smart phone market, where presently it holds a position behind RIM, Apple, and newcomer Google. In United States, T-Mobile is offering Windows Phone 7 phones from Dell and HTC, while AT&T is offering devices from HTC and Samsung. Gartner’s prediction states that Windows Phone 7 will help increase Microsoft’s worldwide mobile OS market share from 4.7% in 2010 to 5.2% in 2011 and eventually fall back to 3.9% by 2014 with Google and Apple building up their market with Android and iPhone respectively.

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