The world needed a nice round number like this! The Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1 is arguably its most important new feature, this side of the Cortana digital voice assistant.

And now some more information that has recently surfaced unveil that multiple notifications from the same application will be available in the Action Center — in fact, an app can have to 20 notifications displayed over there, that can last up to 7 days.

Users will, obviously, have the option to group them by application.

The rest of the functionality is expected to be the usual drill. Users will be allowed to tap a notification, choose to open a specific group of notification, or dismiss them all at once.

Developers, too, will have the ability to control the notifications straight from their app.

What this means is that they can set rules to remove a notification after the user has launched that particular app, maybe even replace an earlier notification with a new one, so on and so forth. They can even set expiration date for their app’s notification.

This notification will self-destruct in 60 seconds and all that fun stuff!

And since Microsoft is in a giving mood lately, the company has also thrown in support for what are being called Ghost Toasts, which are notifications that will only appear in the notification center. Without a sound alert, at that.

Redmond, although confirmed at MWC 2014 that a new version of Windows Phone is coming, stopped shy of providing complete details of many of its features.

Chances are that the company is saving all the juicy bits for the BUILD conference next month.

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  1. Cool. At first I never used this application on my iPad, but it came in useful at times on certain apps remembering who contacted me. When I would get inside the app it would tell me how many contacts I had but not who they were

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