Windows Phone 8.1 Arriving This Summer, Says Microsoft India

Windows Phone 8.1 Arriving This Summer, Says Microsoft India

Well, that was a quick change of pace. If you have been waiting for the release of Windows Phone 8.1 to begin sometime this week, chances are that you will have to hold on for a little while longer.

Microsoft India have announced that Lumia Cyan will, in fact, be available this summer.

Why is this news? Well, last we heard from Microsoft India was that Windows Phone 8.1 rollout was to begin in the first two weeks of July, which is practically days away from now.

That was June 29, by the way.

But it now looks like that they have now been informed that Windows Phone 8.1 will not arrive as early as forecasted, and this has been confirmed in a short statement:

“Per latest update, Lumia Cyan enabled with new features & unique experiences is expected to begin rolling out around the world this summer.”

Although we have no idea that the initial post strictly referred to the availability of the update in India, or a global release, but this latest tweet sets the record straight.

Microsoft has, of course, stuck with their summer estimate ever since release the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 back in April. Sure, the software titan did not mention a hard launch time frame, but we do still have a summer release to go by.

Besides, rollouts like this depend on location, carrier and devices, so at best we can hope for is a staged rollout for all compatible Windows Phone smartphones to begin soon.

  • AustinPowers

    Since it was released from Microsoft India, I’m assuming it’s only going to be available in India, at least a first. However, things could change.