Windows Phone 8.1 is set to be unveiled at the BUILD developer conference in early April, which is hundreds of years in mobile technology terms. But Microsoft is dropping hints here and there.

The company, without naming the update, talked about it at MWC 2014.

And now, the next version of the mobile operating system made an appearance on the company’s official website ahead of the big showing next month — if only for a brief time.

According to this report, Microsoft listed the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 on Features page of the main Windows Phone website, and the image above proves it. However, no other information was provided under the new category, which means this was just a dress rehearsal.

And aptly so, it was pulled soon after.

Anyway, the next version of the company’s mobile operating system promises to bring some big improvements for those that are using devices powered by the previous version of the platform. The company has spared no expense in adding (requested) features.

Complete details on what these changes are will be revealed in the first week of April.

But that’s not even the best part. The official announcement is bound to be followed by several hardware vendors, including Nokia, launching new smartphones powered by Windows Phone 8.1. The next month is shaping up to be a real extravaganza.

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  1. This looks pretty awesome. Great work getting the news on this before they pulled it down, Fahad. Keep it up.

  2. The interface from that image is beautiful. I’m guessing the windows phone will keep climbing in popularity slowly, but surely.

  3. It’s kind of amazing that it’s doing as well as it is doing considering that has a smaller feature-set than the other platforms and even Windows Mobile, as well as the fact the status quo is to bash all things Microsoft. Just wait until 8.1 comes out and whatever updates they do to Windows Phone after that. I’m ready for this thing to drop.

    • You’re right in that sense. If they can survive the constant slander from apple and other companies as well as the public perception, they can survive anything. Just keep improving the product and plowing forward.

  4. I wonder if they leak this stuff deliberately just to get a buzz going. If they do, it’s smart and I don’t blame them, but I’m genuinely curious if they do or it’s “accidental.”

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