The Windows Phone 8.1 official reveal is coming in just over a month, but details and information of new features in the mobile OS update continue to leak out at breakneck speed.

This probably has got to do with the fact that development on the mobile platform is at an advanced stage. Details about a new feature have just leaked out — one that should delight social users to no end.

As this report claims, Windows Phone 8.1 will come with a brand new Facebook Messenger application that will be embedded right into the operating system. It is not clear exactly how this will work for users, but they probably will not be able to check their Facebook and Messenger messages at the same time.

Still this is good news for Facebook fans, particularly those that are affected by the shutdown of the desktop Messenger application on March 3.

Microsoft’s strategy seem to be aimed at this very user base.

Facebook still has a lot of catching up to do to brings it services on Windows Phone handsets, but this move from Redmond of having a dedicated application integrated with Windows Phone 8.1 should please a lot of fans of the social network.

File this as a rumor for now, even if it comes with the above screenshot. But Microsoft will talk about Windows Phone 8.1 in elaborate detail before and at the BUILD 2014 developer conference.

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  1. No , it shouldn’t come built In With WP8.1 . But yeah it should be in the store…And yeah I hope it comes for Win 8.1 as well…

  2. whofuckingcares / March 1, 2014 at 9:44 am /Reply

    yes it should, but it should not be a nagging feature, just when you set up the phone, let us know that the feature is there how to set it up and if we don’t were to find it later and leave it at that or something

  3. This sucks, I’m not even on facebook but will have it on my phone forcefully installed??

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