Windows Phone 8.1 Core Finalized, Developer Preview Release Delayed

Fans of Windows Phone have been waiting to hear some good news, and the latest on the matter is that Microsoft has reportedly finalized development on Windows Phone 8.1.

This important milestone has just been reached ahead of BUILD 2014.

However, there are rumors that the Developer Preview version will not be released at the event next week, as the Consumer Experience team has now started removing all any and all bugs from the mobile operating system — a slow, tardiest process, but necessary.

According to this report, then, nothing much changes for the end users, at least for the upcoming future.

Once the Consumer Experience team removes all the bugs from this new flavor of the mobile OS, only then will it be sent to OEMs. They will take another few weeks, which means that Windows Phone 8.1 will arrive only arrive in the form of an update in summer, as previously projected.

BUILD 2014 is set to kick off April 2, but those of you waiting to get hands on the Developer Preview version will only have to wait a little extra while.

Microsoft has only pushed the release back one week, meaning say, three weeks from now, you could be rocking the Developer Preview build of Windows Phone 8.1 on compatible handsets, if you so desire.

  • Ted Smith

    I think having this news out right around the time of BUILD is smart. People want to hear news on this and want 8.1 phone, so at least they can mention it at BUILD. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for this phone.

  • Emily W

    I wonder how much time they will spend at BUILD on this. It seems like status quo, so they may not address it all if there’s nothing new or exciting to report.

  • Ray C

    I’m just glad this thing is finally done. It’s just been way too long. They’ll have released two updates to Windows 8 before we get our hands on an update to Windows Phone 8. Hopefully this is the last such delay of Microsoft’s mobile life

    • Jason Claven

      Without a doubt, this is a little embarrassing for Microsoft. Microsoft may just ignore this all together until the update is released, because it’s definitely not a good look for the company or product.

  • Bill Franklin

    What does the developer preview mean exactly? It’s just a test version? If that’s the case, is there any risk involved.

    • Ray C

      Hopefully it’s basically the final version just like the last time