Another new feature has been added to Cortana, the digital voice assistant that powers Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system. Foursquare now comes integrated.

We first reported on this integration back in February, and it is now going live.

This means that users will receive recommendations on local places that others have been to and enjoyed, all based upon the latest Foursquare data. Then again, such a move was always, read always, on the cards after Microsoft invested $15 million into Foursquare.

A screenshot that has popped up on Reddit shows this new feature in action:


Better yet, Microsoft’s group program manager for Cortana on Windows Phone has already confirmed this new feature in a tweet, although he has not offered any additional information.

Nevertheless, Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 now suggests places based upon user preferences, and the digital voice assistant will also be able to deliver customized recommendations — along with tips, discounts and more such features.

Over the past few weeks, Redmond has made a number of server side upgrades to Cortana, adding in stock prices and charts, Nearby Places, Local Apps and Local Events.

And it seems that the Nearby Places, Local Apps and Local Events, all will take advantage of this latest integration with Foursquare. Logical.

Cortana is still only available in the United States at the moment, but rollouts in China, UK and Canada are said to be in the immediate pipeline, with more markets to be added soon.

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  1. A solid start. The more interconnected and complete Cortana becomes, the better. I think the goal here is obviously to have Cortana with as many features and apps as possible.

    • 100% correct. The aim has to be to make Cortana as immersive as can be. Hopefully in time the Windows Phone, tablet, and Pc will have Cortana available for almost anything imaginable.

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