Fans of AT&T have a firsthand idea of how much time the carrier takes in rolling out operating system upgrades for smartphones on its network. Windows Phone users, in particular, usually have a long wait.

So the news that the company might be ready to kick off deployment of the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS might come as a surprise to some. Or maybe not, considering just how much of a delayed release Windows Phone 8.1 actually is.

Probably gave everyone enough time to plan the rollout.

Although no official announcement has been made in this regard, a community manager did mention on the official forums that the platform could be released in a few days from now.

While no handsets have been mentioned, the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1520 are prime candidates to receive the Lumia Cyan update early on — although all other smartphones should receive the update sooner or later.

Then again there is a possibility that the community manger just let the information out, and the upgrade plan might be delayed by a little.

Either way, the wait, for AT&T subscribers at least, seems to be nearly over.

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  • Yorker

    Spectacular news for those using At&t. As you suggested, this has been a long time coming and the end is finally near. I’m excited to find out the exact date and which phones will be offered. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit for official confirmation.