Fans of the Windows Phone mobile operating system can finally rejoice. Microsoft seems to be readying a whole bunch of different features, some small, and others large — literally, that is.

We already got our first detailed look at the notification center a little while back.

And now it seems that users might soon be able to enjoy a large Live Tile on their smartphone. According to famed Windows Phone leaker Nawzil, four different Live Tile sizes will be included in the platform. These will be named Small, Medium, Wide and Large.

Official confirmation on this is yet to be provided, but chances are that with the growing screen sizes and display resolutions on handsets, Microsoft is ready to implement these changes.

Along with this UI tweak, the company seems to be preparing another handy feature.

Tom Warren of The Verge provided some early details on this, as this Reddit thread unveils. It appears that this upcoming refresh of Microsoft’s mobile platform might come with a Swype gesture keyboard that makes typing on touchscreen devices a breeze.

This is something that Android users have had for a long time now, and Windows Phone users have been clamoring for a while — as is evident on the User Voice website of Windows Phone where this feature has received more than 3,000 votes.

Both these features, if they arrive with Windows Phone Blue, should be well received by the community. Stay tuned for more on the matter as we get closer to official confirmation.

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  1. Add all the features you can, but I have friends with Android who find Swype annoying at times.

    • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod / February 10, 2014 at 7:40 am /Reply

      So, you can type, swipe, or use voice to text. Problem solved. Its good to have a choice. Swipe is easier to type on large screened phones.

    • I have the “Google Keyboard,” which is a downloadable keyboard that brings you back to stock (that sentence says a lot about both the good and bad of android!!). It has a swiping feature as well, and I find it useful on occasion. What I like about it vs. Swype (which I’ve played with too) is that it does typing very well in addition to the swiping feature. You can never use the swiping feature and still get a lot of use out of it as a good quality keyboard. The swiping isn’t activated unless you really swipe, so maybe once a month or something I’ll accidentally trigger a swipe. Because of that, I do use the feature when it’s… handy (pun intended). When I have only one free hand, swiping can be nice.

    • Choice, Ray, is always good. As long as users have the option to turn Swype on and off. Though I can totally see whey some users would find it annoying.

  2. Live Tiles are pretty much useless given the API’s available.. and the available ways to update them… Windows Phone really lacks the ability to display Widgets / Gadgets.

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