While the Windows Phone side of the mobile world is waiting with abated breath for the rollout of Windows Phone 8.1 to begin, it appears that Microsoft is two steps ahead with development.

There is talk that GDR 1, the first update to the mobile platform is nearing completion, and is about to hit RTM status soon, possibly in the coming weeks.

This means that, once again, users that have signed up for the developer program will be able to deploy this first refresh of the mobile operating system sometimes next week, bypassing their wireless carriers and network operators.

In terms of features, GDR 1 is rather a lightweight package.

One option that we know of for sure is the native support for folders, which should make the process of creating and managing folders much more intuitive and fluid, without requiring the need of a special app to do so.

Additional details, hopefully, arrive soon, provided this abovementioned report holds true.

At the very least, this rapid release cycle ensures that Microsoft will narrow the gap between Windows Phone and the competition (iOS and Android), and the company is showing no signs of slowing down.

Excited? Bet you are. Let it be known in the comments section!

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  1. Great news, but I really do wish there was more of a hard timeline for when these updates will be available for consumer release. That’s one thing I really miss about the iOS world – updates are predictable and consistent. They’re announced, and then pretty soon you know exactly when you’ll be able to get it, and then that day comes and everyone with a compatible device gets it. Done. I can’t complain too much since in the Android world it was more like “Here’s a new release of the OS – time to get a new device unless you win Update Roulette”, but it would make me a lot more excited about reading about all these new features if the date became more and more concrete as it got closer. I also know I can install the developer version, but I got away from Android because I didn’t like hacking half-baked versions of the OS on my device (which was often the only way to update it at all)

  2. Good news. I look forward to hearing more as this continues to develop.

  3. Hi some body can send me How to install GDR ON WP 8.1 because i cant do it

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