Much has been made of Redmond’s snail pace of adding features to the Windows Phone platform. And this is doubly true when considering the fact that competing solutions like Android and iOS are a country mile ahead in this regard.

But while the various GDR updates to the platform are making (or set to make) their way to handsets in the coming weeks and months, interest is shifting towards the anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade, which is widely expected to be released early next year.

And from the way how things are shaping up, it appears that version 8.1 of Microsoft’s mobile platform could arrive with an interesting new set of features.

Some of the rumored enhancements to the upcoming version include a Notification Center, along with multi-tile select capabilities — the latter quite similar to the selection options available on Windows 8.

Photos and images leaked in recent past seem to confirm these new features.

This newly leaked photo shows a Windows Phone handset with multiple tiles selected at the same time, seemingly confirming that such a feature could be in development.

A Notifications tile is also very much visible on the lower left side of the photo, and it seems that Redmond has finally listened to user requests on the matter. Some other visual changes may also be part of Windows Phone 8.1, though no further details have been provided.

The above device, however, is allegedly running Windows Phone 8 build 9478.

Even though Microsoft has not provided a timeline, Windows Phone 8.1 is said to be on track for release early next year. But with stable builds of the mobile operating system seemingly in existence, we should have more information heading our way soon.

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